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英語四六級作文提升要哪些注意細節 英語四六級作文提升技巧

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英語四六級作文提升要哪些注意細節?英語四六級作文提升技巧 英語四六級的作文也是非常關鍵的,分數也是比較高的,那么英語四六級作文提升要哪些注意細節?以下就是英語四六級作文提升技巧.

英語四六級作文提升要哪些注意細節 英語四六級作文提升技巧




1、結論性--------- 通過對文章前面的討論 ,引出或重申文章的中心

[1]. From what has been discussed above, we may easily draw the conclusion that .....

[2]. In summary , it is more valuable .......

2、后果性------ 揭示所討論的問題若不解決, 將產生的嚴重后果.

[1]. We must call for an immediate method , because the current phenomenon of ... , if allowed to proceed, will surely lead to the heavy cost of .......

[2]. Obviously , if we ignore/are blind to the problem , there is every chance that .. will be put in danger.

3、號召性 -------- 呼吁讀者行動起來, 采取行動或提請注意.

[1]. It is time that we urged an immediate end to the undesirable tendency of····[2]. It is essential thar effective measures should be taken to correct the tendency.

4、建議性 -------- 對所討論的問題提出建議性的意見, 包括建議和具體的解決問題的方法

[1]. While it cannot be solved immediately, still there are ways. The most popular is .... Another method is ... Still another one is .....

[2]. Awareness/Recognition of the problem is the first step toward the situation.

5、方向性的結尾方式 ---- 其與建議性的唯一差別就是對問題解決提出總的, 大體的方向或者指明前景.

[1]. Many solutions are being offered here , all of them make some sense, but none is adequate enough. The problem should be recognized in a wide way .

[2]. There is no quick method to the issue of .., but .. might be helpful/benefical.[3]. The great challenge today is ...... There is much difficulty , but ........

6、意義性的結尾方式 --------> 文章結尾的時候,從更高的更新的角度指出所討論的問題的重要性以及其深遠的意義!

[1]. Following these suggestions may not guarantee the success, but the pay off might be worth the effort . It will not only benefit··· but also benefit .....[2]. In any case, whether it is posotive or negative, one thing is certain that it will undoubtedly .





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